RECYtherm W1300 A CS


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Sheet-size: 0,8 m x 1,2 m
Thickness: 35 - 45 mm
Weight: 1,6 kg/sheet (1,7 kg/m²)
sound level reduction of 15,5 dB (Apamat II)
Particularly suitable for: sound insulation of smaller engines on sailing boats, ....

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Data sheet

Height 800 mm
Width 1200 mm
Strength 35 mm - 45 mm
Weight 1,7 kg / m²
Sound level reduction 15,0 dB – 19,9 dB
average sound level reduction (Apamat measure) 15,5 dB
Typ of sound insulation Airborne sound
Place of application Hull, ceiling, wall
Surface grid and aluminized PE-film
With vapour barrier Yes
Thermal insulation Yes
fuel resistant Yes
Temperature range up to 90 °C

More info

RECYtherm is a high volume fleece for thermal and sound insulation of complete hulls. The surface, a PE-foil with aluminum cover, acts as a vapour barrier that prevents the formation of condensation water inside the ship. Due to the very low weight, RECYtherm is ideal for the sound insulation of smaller engines on sailing boats.

Product attribute

  • oil- and fuel resistant surface
  • long-life product, non-ageing
  • simple and fast installation due to the self-adhesive backing
  • heat proof resistance up to 90 degrees
  • group of heat conductibility WLG 030
  • sheet-size: 0,8 m x 1,2 m = 0,96 m²
  • Thickness: app. 35 - 45 mm
  • Weight: app. 1,6 kg/sheet (1,7 kg/m²)
  • other dimensions on request

Suitable for: 

  • hull insulation
  • ceiling and wall insulation
  • all kinds of heat insulation and noise-sources

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