The Recytex GmbH & Co. KG, was founded in 1993 and is part of the company group Gebr. Achter.

Recytex is a flexible and high performing developer and supplier of non-woven and acoustic sound solutions based on those fabrics. Furthermore, Recytex produces coated yarns which are used in the automotive-, carpet-, and furniture industries.

Justifiably Recytex identifies itself as a pioneer in the field of non-woven- fabrics extracted from recycled industrial waste of car interiors.

During the 90ies, the project “Tandem”, which was enabled by a close cooperation with the former Mercedes- Benz AG and two partners from the supply industry, one of them a textile producer, the other a manufacturer of seats, designed a material flow and implemented it for serial production. To this day textile waste from the different stages of production is being collected, recycled and processed to non-woven as a replacement for polyurethane foams.

Due to the versatile properties of the non-woven further ranges of applications have opened up. For instance, our non-woven is built into ships engine compartments and cabins for sound- and thermal- insulation. Moreover, it can be used as a sound absorber for dividing walls, ceiling panels and wall murals. We deliver our sound absorbers either as raw material or cut to measure, furthermore coated, printed or embossed.

In addition to manufacturing of sound absorbers and products for sound- and thermal- insulation, Recytex produces coated yarns. Here, core- spun yarn from different materials (PES, PA, glass, wire, and monofilament) is coated with extrudable thermoplastics (TPU, TPE, PVC, PE, PP). This does not only bring out a special design effect, but also enables an application of additional features like noctilucent or electrically conduction.

Additional synergies for solving complex customer problems are exploited in a goal- oriented way by cooperating with the subsidiary companies within the Gebr. Achter Group. This group of companies includes:

in Düren, Deutschland

nano-scaled equipment: water-repellent equipment, Easy-to-Clean