To us quality matters and builds the foundation of our business activities!

We therefore want:



  • to fulfil our customers’ requirements

  • to be a reliable partner for our customers and suppliers

  • to further develop the qualifications and training of our employees

  • to annually check our strategic direction and goals and align them with the individual context of the organization and requirements of the interested partner

  • to continuously improve the quality of our services

  • to continuously improve our own QM- Systems

  • to implement legal requirements



to avoid accidents and occupational diseases as far as possible by identifying health hazards in the workplace at an early stage and instructing and training our employees appropriately on a regular basis. Hazard assignments, inspections by a safety specialist and internal audits are carried out and evaluated to achieve this goal



to retain our employees to the company for the long term and support their progress in a qualified way




to make sure, that the quality of our products and services are responsible for the economic success of our company



to make sure, that our management is a role model in terms of implementing the Quality Policy



to continuously improve our Quality Management System together with our employees.