Imagine the following situation:

sounds familiar?

Heavy mechanical abrasion of the insulation materials.

The insulation foam became porous and little parts of it are spreading all over the engine compartment.

The smell of fuel has settled into the isolation material!

A bad working sound insulation is disturbing on the deck or below it during the cruise?

If you can relate to these experiences and plan to avoid them on your new ship, we have the perfectly fitting solution for you!

Examples for installation:


RECYcombi W 1300 GA CS

An elegant and highly effective sound insulation for the engine compartment

RECYcombi stands out by its excellent sound insulation and is especially designed for high- performing engines and your demand for best-quality sound insulation – so it is the best product for you!

Furthermore, all of our products feature a high persistence and wear resistance.

RECYcombi W 1300 GA CS

Our products can be fitted easily on the wall or the ceiling using the self-adhesive film on the back!


RECYguard W 600 GA CS

In this example, you can see how the decorative band was used to tap the open cut edges cleanly.
Recyguard is available in three different intensities, depending on the installation options!

RECYguard W 600 GA CS

Ideally, the insulation material is installed inside the engine compartment before other aggregates or lines are built in. This guarantees a complete insulation and prevents sound bridges.


RECYguard W 600 GA CS

Due to our special decorative tapes the masked fugues are invisible in the end.


We offer the build of ready- made boxes based on SilentAlu. The box is based on your demands and suitable for your engine.

We are also happy to perform the final assembling at your location!