Edgeband Alu 5cm

Sealing-tape is for sealing the edges of the insulation-material after cutting.

Sealing-tape 5 cm wide tape is for: RECYtherm W600 A CS, RECYvib PLUS A, RECYguard W300 A CS, RECYguard W600 (G)A CS, RECYguard W600 (G)A CS, RECYcombi W600 GA CS, ....

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Please use our sealing-tape to close the edges of the cut parts. The good adhesion in combination with its strength and high class surface makes it a very special product. By sealing the edges the inner fleece is protected against humidity and dirt. This ensures a long-lasting and very good insulation. For our thinner products (W300 / W600) we recommend the 5cm wide tape, for the thicker product (W1300) you should use the 10cm wide version.

Product attribute

  • high-gloss surface
  • tear-resistant due to enforcement-textile
  • very high adhesion
  • width: 5 cm
  • supplied on 25 m rolls

Suitable for closing the edges of our products 

Further Information:


Data sheet

0,11 mm
Place of application
Hull, engine room
aluminized composite-layer-film
With vapour barrier
25 m
Standard format
1 roll à 25 m
Temperature range
up to 90 °C
Tear-out force
120 N / 25 mm
Elongation at break
20 % - 40 %