Anti-vibration - set

Sheet-size: 0,28 m x 0,4 m
Thickness: 7 mm
Weight: 0,48 kg/sheet (4,3 kg/m²)
Particularly suitable for: engine-rooms, PC-casing, side-panels in the car, ....
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Easy to install due to self-adhesive backing. These sheets are designed to reduce vibrations in the structure. The sheets are made of two layers: a heavy vibration-absorber and a fleece. This combination acts as a spring-mass system. This construction provides a much better vibration-absorption than normal sheets. The package contains of 5 sheets

Product attribute

  • long-life product, non-ageing
  • simple and fast installation due to the self-adhesive backing
  • heat proof resistance up to 90 degrees
  • 5 sheets à 0,28 m x 0,4 m = 0,56 m²
  • Thickness: app. 7 mm
  • Weight: app.0,48 kg/sheet (4,3 kg/m²)

Suitable for: 

  • engine-room
  • generators
  • PC-casing
  • side-panels in the car or caravan
  • also suitable to use under the washing-machine to reduce vibrations

Further Information:


Data sheet

280 mm
400 mm
7 mm
4,3 kg / m²
Typ of sound insulation
Impact sound
Place of application
Engine room, generator
With vapour barrier
Thermal insulation
fuel resistant
Standard format
5 anti-vibration à 0,28 m x 0,4 m
Temperature range
up to 90 °C

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